Hello Everyone!

   My name is Maddie and I am the Assistant Extradionare working with Wendy Aresty at The Artful Unicorn. We are starting our journey into blogging!

Very exciting stuff!

   To start, I would like to thank you personally for reading this. We greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor. Our blog will be focused on the many things that we do at The Artful Unicorn and the art we sale. Most of these posts will be written before bed time so please bare with me on the spelling and grammar. I am an artist first and formost, and many of my teachers in college questioned if I could communiciate with writing so here we are. GO ME!

   To give you a little background about The Artful Unicorn Gallery, we are located in beautiful and historic Morristown, New Jersey. We specializes in vintage and modern prints as well as original artwork. The gallery features prints in every genre imaginable. Botanicals, birds, fish, shells, historical, foreign scenes, local history, Maps, and a huge collection of modern and contemporary pieces. Original lithographs by such artists as Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, and many more. There is something for everyone! Come visit us to see so much more!

   Wendy Aresty is the Gallery Owner and avid collector. She has over twenty years experience as an Art Dealer and custom framer. Before opening the Artful Unicorn, Wendy owned and operated two art galleries in Aspen, Colorado.  

   Being online has its perks and its nice to have any opportunity to share our journey. Until our next post, I wish you a fantastic and creative day with many adventures!

Good Night!